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Mrs. Carmen Saenciuc received the Excellence award in Business Management - Europe 2006 from the magazine Actualidad, a magazine about tourism, industry and commerce headquartered in Madrid, Spain. The award ceremony took place at Hotel Le Royal in Luxembourg on October 21st, 2006.


REVITAL is among the first Romanian reflexogenic and therapeutic massage health centers which helped bring relief to ailing patient by using alternative medicine methods. Reflexotherapy is a treatment technique which relies on the existence of reflex areas on the soles corresponding to every body part. Reflexotherapy is a completely harmless procedure which is suitable for patients of all ages.

Reflexotherapy diagnosis can track imbalances in various parts of the body as well as the predisposition to certain disorders thus being able to treat the organism as a whole. Professionally massaging the reflexogenic areas of the soles can have a positive effect on the nervous system, sensory organs, cardiovascular system, endocrine system, lymphatic system, and the internal organs. Reflexotherapy helps stimulate the entire body, improving blood circulation, removing tension, and reestablishing the physical, mental and energetic balance.

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Reflexotherapy yields remarkable results in the case of diseases such as: diabetes, depression, insomnia, circulation deficiency, cholesterol, spinal column disorders, rheumatism, cerebrovascular accident (CVA) consequences, thyroid nodules, breast and ovarian cyst, eyesight disorders, vertigo, ulcer, gastritis, sexual dynamic disorders, agenesis, hormonal imbalance, gall bladder dyskinesia, dysmenorrhea, trigeminal neuralgia, anemia, hemorrhoids.


REVITAL is the first reflexotherapy and health magazine, in 24-page full color tabloid format, which features widely relevant information regarding alternative medicine, natural medicine, religion, history, curiosities, youth issues, traditional methods, as well as innovative themes regarding care and beauty, including interviews with outstanding personalities of the Romanian society.

The magazine is distributed in all “REVITAL” Healthcare Centers across Romania as well as newsstands. The magazine currently has a circulation of 20,000 copies appearing twice a month, soon to move to a weekly printing schedule.

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