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Benefits of Reflexotherapy


Reflexotherapy is an ancient treatment technique originating in ancient Egypt and China that uses the massage of soles, palms and head. The plantar reflexology is based on the existence of reflex zones on the sole matching every organ of the body. Massaging these areas helps the body eliminate toxins, improves the functioning of the circulatory system and eliminates imbalances in the body.

Through reflexology helps the body function at its best, which can be accomplished after several sessions, the number of which depending on each person’s health problems, the length of time since the onset of each diseases, the lifestyle and many other factors. The reflexogenic massage is a treatment customized individually for each patient, which helps it yield better results. This reflexotherapy helps with the following:

1. Prevention – certain areas hurt before the manifestation of the disease. Through reflexotherapy the function of the organ in question can be normalized before the occurrence of clinical symptoms.

2. Treatment - reflexotherapy can act either independently, without the administration of a allopathic treatment, or in the most cases the reflexogenic massage can be used to complement medical care. In most of the cases the medicine doses are diminished or noticeably reduced, sometimes allowing their complete elimination (insomnia, migraine, emotional instability, anxiety, depression, diabetes, renal and hepatic disorders, hypertension, rheumatism, osteoarthritis, etc.)

Within most of the situations the reflexogenic massage is associated with a natural individualized treatment (phytotherapy, herbal baths, cataplasms, alimentary supplements, apiculture products, diet prescriptions and accurate hydration). For some of the disorders or simply for relaxation, the reflexogenic massage is combined with the therapeutic massage (general or partial), with the necessary time for diminishing the reflex points decreasing in this case. In convalescence or post-operative periods, reflexotherapy accelerates the rehabilitation of the organism. In the event of fractures, the massage of the reflex points is applied to the correspondent limb and may considerably reduce the time required for healing. The massage stimulates the circulatory system and the formation of callus and helps avoid muscular atrophy.

3. Relaxation and maintenance – reflexogenic massage helps the body regain its balance which has often been disturbed in times of excessive effort and stress. A regular maintenance program can become part of a regular stress fighting technique and can prevent occurrence of new disorders. Reflexotherapy is a holistic practice, namely it looks at the human body as a whole, being a completely harmless technique which has been practiced for thousands of years, and which is suitable for patients of all ages. It is not recommended during pregnancies, advanced thrombosis and thrombophlebitis, mycosis and dermatitis, severe cardiac disorders, infections (the latter require medication).

Various symptoms can be treated through reflexotherapy:

  • Stress, migraines, vertigo, chronic fatigue, emotional instability, depression, anxiety, panic attacks.
  • Spinal column disorders: sciatica, lumbar sciatica, spondylosis, kyphosis, rheumatism, arthrosis, arthritis, gonarthrosis, etc
  • Endocrine disorders: thyroid, suprarenal parathyroid (calcium loss), children raising deficiencies, menstruation regulation, menopause disorders, osteoporosis (the surcease of the bone mass degradation), sexual dysfunctions (impotence, frigidity, etc.), metabolic disorders, obesity, diabetes.
  • Digestive disorders: gastritis, enterocolitis, colitis, ulcer, Reflux Esophagitis, constipation, hemorrhoids, bloating, etc.
  • Hepatobiliary disorders: biliary lithiasis, hypercholesterolemia, lazy bile, etc.
  • Kidney disorders (the sand and the stones are eliminated): lithiasis, prostatitis, night enuresis, edema (swollen feet), etc.
  • Circulatory disorders: hypo and hypertension, arteriosclerosis, gout, cold hands and feet syndrome, feet pains.
  • ENT (otorhinolaryntology) disorders: bronchitis, rhinitis, sinusitis, neuralgia, asthma, etc
  • Sportsman problems: muscular cramps, contortions, cricks, back pains, tendon inflammations, bursitis, etc.

In the event of fractures, the correspondent limb is massaged, the recuperation being faster. The range of the disorders that benefit from reflexotherapy is larger; we only specified the major ones. Most of the times the patients that come to REVITAL clinics, do not have any clear diseases that can be uncovered through testing, but they are not feeling well.
There can be multiple causes for that. Using reflexogenic massage, helps reestablish the balance of the entire body, improving its functions and the state of wellness returns.

The number of sessions is different, depending of every case, age and each organism’s reaction. A series of 15-20 sessions constitute a necessary minimum but in the case of chronic disorders or depressions and anxiety conditions the treatment will continue up to 25-30 sessions. In most of the cases the results are good. The sessions can be made daily or every two days. After solving the health issues, the wellness condition is restored, the soles no longer have any painful areas, and massage becomes a pleasure.