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Reflexotherapy is a treatment technique based on the existence on the surface of the sole of reflex zones corresponding to every body part, being a procedure of prevention completely harmless that can be applied at every age. Reflex diagnosis can track down the organs that present an imbalance as well as the predisposition to certain disorders thus being able to treat the body as a whole.

Professionally massaging the reflexogenic areas of the sole can have a positive effect on the nervous system, sensory organs, cardiovascular system, endocrine system, lymphatic system, and the internal organs. This treatment stimulates the entire body, the circulatory system works properly, removes the existent helping in the recovery of the physical, mental and energetic balance.

Reflexotherapy yields remarkable results in the case of disorders such as: diabetes, depression, insomnia, circulation deficiency, cholesterol, spinal column issues, rheumatism, cerebrovascular accident (CVA) consequences, thyroid nodules, breast and ovarian cyst, eyesight disorders, vertigo, ulcer, gastritis, sexual dynamic disorders, agenesis, hormonal imbalance, gall bladder dyskinesia, dysmenorrhea, trigeminal neuralgia, anemia, hemorrhoids.

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