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It is a treatment technique, which involves massaging the feet, hands or head, based on the existence of nerve centers, areas corresponding to all organs of the body, the legs. By massaging their body is helped to eliminate toxins, improves blood circulation and resolve imbalances.


Massage Therapy:

Benefits of massage developed in our offices improve many diseases, relieves pain and end their various symptoms, cardiac eases labor by accelerating blood circulation, reduces nervous tension overall, relax contracted muscles, increases elasticity of tissue, remove calcium deposits in tissue, increase strength of contraction muscle thickness decreases body fat while maintaining beauty, removes fatigue, pain, chronic indigestion, asthma.
Massage therapy can be applied as a healthy man's primary role is to prevent disease and maintain the body in shape.


Lymphatic Drainage:

Revital Health Centre services performed and lymphatic drainage, a treatment that proposes to remove all toxins from the body unassimilated during cell synthesis. Reduced lymphatic drainage and blood circulation cause accumulation of fat, connective tissue loses its elasticity, unavoidable imperfections and uneven skin. To optimize the lymphatic drainage is necessary for muscles to contract, to be firm connective tissue, providing a high degree of compression.



Reflexology Course:

Saenciuc Revital Health Center offers the opportunity to specialize in the massages, reflexology can study from home secrets of obtaining such a certificate of graduation recognized nationally and internationally, having the chance to engage in the field.

Massage Course:

Our company initiates remote massage courses, discover relaxation techniques to improve physical and mental, in the most simple and convenient as possible. You will be able to acquire skills so essential to make life easy and beautiful for both you and your loved ones or to prospective clients. Derived from studies diplomas are recognized nationally and internationally.

Makeup Course:

During the makeup of the Revital Saenciuc, beauty offers effective solutions to any woman interested in her physical appearance, revealing several small practical advice or "tips". This course is a useful guide for any woman, be it about their beauty or concerns about turning this into a profession. The course includes three sessions complete description of the kit and makeup: day, evening and correction. Distant Learning, by which, after some practical and theoretical tests conducted at our cabintul, you will receive diplomas and certificates recognized nationally and internationally.