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Revital Saenciuc
Revital Saenciuc
Revital Saenciuc
Revital Saenciuc
Revital Saenciuc
Revital Saenciuc

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Anonymus, Rosiori

I am the daughter of Mister Zane Dumitru of the town of Rosiori, who was a patient of patient of your reflexotherapy practice. My father came at the cabinet because of a couple of diseases that run him down: kidney sand, restless sleep, a permanent state of agitation- even panic, his liver was covered in fat, spleen problems and gonoarthritis which made it very difficult for him to walk.

I wanted to tell you that the beneficial effects of reflexotherapy became visible just after the first session. Now, after six sessions I can tell you that my father’s sleep has improved, his self control and calm increased, his anxiety dropped, his knee pains totally disappeared, he lost 2 kilograms without any effort, his liver does not hurt anymore, he solved his constipation issues and he successfully got rid of his permanent fatigue state.

Actually he is a very conscientious patient, he drinks 2 liters of water per day just like his therapist suggested to him, and he follows the natural treatment that was applied to him as well as the competent advices of his therapist who encouraged him from the very beginning and detailed explained everything to him.

Florica Mihai, Bucuresti

I am Florica Mihai from Bucharest and I am one of the beneficiaries of the reflexotherapy massage practiced at the Revital Clinic. I was 48 years old when I had to deal with an early menopause and all my nervous system was troubled, I used to cry without any obvious reason and due to my stronger emotions I was permanently in a bad mood, I was sweating all the time, and I was feeling uncomfortable at all times. On top of all this, my old biliary dyskinesia caused issues with my liver. I came to the Reflexotherapy clinic in an attempt to improve my health.

Until my sixth session the symptoms accentuated and I was scared but after 15 sessions I began to feel a lot better. My patience paid off and the competent and gracious advice of the therapists helped return to normal. I am happy and I have a lot of optimism and energy and I have you to thank for that.

Silvia Pascu, Pitesti

My name is Silvia Pascu, I am from Pitesti, and I wanted to tell you that I came to Bucharest to your reflexotherapy clinic because of an early menopause which gave me hot flashes, a permanent state of agitation associated with a state of crossness, headaches, dizziness and vertigo, all of which turned me into a burden for my family. The sleepless nights, the nervousness and the tiredness and the state of apathy continued and had changed me from the dynamic person I used to be into someone who couldn’t get anything done anymore. I started having serious issues in my married life. I started taking reflexotherapy sessions but didn’t feel any improvements until the sixth session, on the contrary, the symptoms were becoming more intense and I didn’t know what to do anymore. I was about to quit, but my therapist told that my body was burdened by toxins, so I decided to continue. I have to admit, that after my seventh session, I could feel a relief sensation in my entire body, and my body gradually began to react to the therapy and I began to feel calmer. Starting with the 12th session I began to bloom, I felt good in my own skin, which hadn’t happened in a very long time, I began to feel peaceful again. I am now taking care of my family and I continued the activities I did before, I fell like brand new human, healthy and useful. I want to thank the lady that gave me a second chance through this treatment.

Maria Toader, Ploiesti

My name is Maria Toader and I am from Ploiesti, and I wanted to tell you that I came to Bucharest especially for this reflexotherapy practice. I was suffering from a frontal and jaw sinusitis that gave me permanent head aches accompanied by purulent discharge, sometimes fever. I also had a cervicobrachial neuralgia, a very sharp pain that was transmitted through my shoulder to my arm. These pains were giving me a hard time, especially during the night. All that I want to tell you is that I have been treated with care and devotion. I do not have a deep knowledge of how reflexotherapy works, but it helped solve my issues, after 20 sessions I could feel the my sinuses were no longer swollen and the pus began to go away without any punctures or any other interventions. Also my cervical area is relaxed and I no longer feel pain and numbness in my arm.

Ioana Iancu, Stancesti

I am Ioana Iancu from Stangesti Village, Buntesti Commune, Bihor county, and I intervene in this TV show on behalf of my 52 years old aunt who is a patient of your reflexotherapy practice and who was suffering from several disorders: bilateral coxarthrosis, hepatitis, lazy gall bladder, her endocrine and nervous system were seriously affected, her right arm was inert, she couldn’t squeeze her fist and she was dragging her leg. I can tell that after 12 sessions the results are spectacular, she can squeeze her fist, she can even stay on her leg which had issues without losing her balance, she can walk normally, the pains in her joints disappeared, and the gall bladder attacks diminished.

She is extremely happy, she escaped her depression and now she has enough patience to raise her grandchildren. All the compliments for this therapy that offers yet another chance to those who suffer.